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Reservations open june 1st

entry fee

$15 per person

café hours

Friday, July 5th

Saturday, July 6th

Sunday, July 7th

11am - 7pm

11am - 7pm

11am - 4pm


Ballroom D


Visit Dreamland Maid Cafe, America's largest indie Maid Cafe from Los Angeles, CA! Come live your "super-kawaii" anime dreams at the maid cafe, complete with food, drink, live performance, photo-ops and more. Inspired by the cafe's of Japan's "Electric Town", Akihabara, have your meal served by the Maids, cast a magical power-up spell and cheer us on in the DreamLIVE! idol showcase. Programming is for all ages, come see what it's all about!


  • ​Each guest must purchase and posses a Metrocon badge

  • A 10 minute grace period is granted for reservations and waitlist

  • All items, including food and beverage, are subject to availability

  • Please book carefully. Tickets are non-refundable!

Reservations open june 1st

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