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A message from our founder...


Hey! Welcome back to Dreamland Maid Café, Los Angeles! Live your kawaii anime dreams at the America's largest indie Maid Café!

Campaign Introduction

In the summer of 2022, we unveiled our magical pop-up Maid Café experience in Little Tokyo that made waves in the community! We quickly became a viral sensation, as guests and influencers from across the USA lined up to to experience the wonder of Dreamland.


So, as a response to all the likes, comments and positive reviews... We're thrilled to announce that Dreamland Maid Café will be opening a permanent residence in 2025!

All the things you love about Dreamland, but with an all new interior, expanded cast and elevated menu! Enjoy all the perks of our signature experience: super-cute food and drink, live entertainment, one-of-a-kind photo opportunities, limited-edition souvenirs and more.


Check our website for more information and past projects as well as our Instagram, for the inside scoop on cast members, promotions and more!


PLUS Don't worry if you're not local, we have no plans to stop our annual USA tour, and we will see you in Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, Orlando, Houston, and beyond!

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Please consider contributing today before our campaign ends!

Click the link to see the full campaign on INDIEGOGO!

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