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Audition RSVP

For All Applicants:

  1. Please come to audition wearing a make-up look you would most likely use while working in the café.

  2. Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear that allows for a range of movement.

  3. Please learn, to the best of your ability, the following dance routine: Aikome Forever (please learn the center choreography).

For Performer Applicants:


  1. In addition to the requirements above, please also have a second personal 1:30 routine prepared. You may choose any anime song, J-pop, etc. track that fits the theme of the café.

NOTE: For applicants interested in auditioning for our idol group "DreamLIVE!" please choose a track that best showcases your dance abilities.

Choose one:

Thanks for your RSVP! Good Luck!

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